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21 Amnesia and brain atrophy with focal white matter lesion in a 30-year old male with Crohn’s disease
S. Konitsiotis, G. Mpaltayiannis, E.V. Tsianos, K.H. Katsanos, V. Papakostas,,
SUMMARY Central nervous system (CNS) manifestations in Crohn disease (CD) have been well recognized over the years have been regarded either as an extraintestinal disease manifestation or as therapeut...
22 An unusual case of acute icteric small bile duct disease
I. Delladetsima Th. Kanellopoulou S. Dourakis A. Archimandritis,
The present case refers to an acute icteric cholestatic syndrome of unknown aetiology in a 37-year old man. The underlying biliary disease was of mixed type combining features of diffuse pleomorphic c...
23 An unusual case of adult intussusception
Basoukeas S., . Spyrelis M., Hatzianastasiou S., Pipis P.,,
SUMMARY Intussusception in adults is a rare condition accounting for 5% of all causes of bowel obstruction. Manifestations include abdominal pain, vomiting and occasionally melaena and palpable abdomi...
24 An unusual infection on an unusual gastroenteritis
Zavos, Christos N. Samonakis, Dimitrios Enele Melono, Jean-Marie Voloudaki, Argyro Grammatikakis, Jo...
A 35-year-old lady was admitted to our Department due to fever, vomiting and diarrhea. She had been on a short course of steroids until two months prior to this episode for a chronic eosinophilic gast...
25 Antibody-mediated rejection after adult living-donor liver transplantation triggered by positive lymphocyte cross-match combination
Hori, Tomohide Egawa, Hiroto Uemoto, Shinji,
A 46-year-old female suffering from liver cirrhosis was referred to us for living-donor liver transplantation (LDLT). Pre-transplant lymphocyte cross-match tests were positive. The recipient showed im...
26 Aphthous colitis in a woman with diverticulitis
Goulas, S. Karagiannis, D. Psilopoulos, P. Mikou, P. Bobotsi, C. Mavrogiannis, S.,
Diverticulitis is a well-established complication of diverticulosis. Data regarding the endoscopic appearance of diverticulitis are limited, as colonoscopy is generally contraindicated during the acut...
27 Atypical carcinoid tumour associated with celiac disease
S. Manjunath D. Cvijan,
Coeliac disease is common and its prevalence is greater than previous estimates. Small bowel Lymphoma and Adenocarcinoma are recognised complications of celiac disease. The association of carcinoid tu...
28 Autoimmune cholangitis presenting as pancreatic malignancy in a man with hand morphea
Katsanos, K.H. Christodoulou, D.K. Giannoutsos, Chr.I. Tsianos, E.V.,
We report a 63 years old man with hand morhea who was admitted because of 6 weeks history of weight loss, weakness, low grade fever and jaundice. Physical examination revealed jaundice, hand morphea a...
29 Autoimmune hepatitis, 2 years after successful peg-interferon-alpha 2b plus ribavirin treatment in a patient with chronic hepatitis C
S.P. Dourakis A.J. Archimandritis,
A 76-year old female patient with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection successfully treated with pegylated interferon-alpha 2b plus ribavirin four years ago who developed autoimmune hepatitis (AI...
30 Biliary Cystadenoma of the Liver: Case report and systematic review of the literature
Α. Tsepelaki I. Kirkilesis V. Katsiva J. K. Triantafillidis C. Vagianos,
Biliary cystadenoma is a very rare cystic neoplasm of the liver that usually occurs in middle-aged women. This tumour is insidiously progressive; it can not be safely differentiated from cystadenocarc...