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21 Epidemiology and risk factors for exocrine pancreatic cancer
Sandberg A., . Hoem D., Dervenis Ch.,,
22 Epidemiology of IBD in Southern Europe
., B. Vucelic,
SUMMARY The paper covers the invited lecture on 22nd Panhellenic Congress of Gastroenterology on epidemiology of IBD in southern Europe. Traditional view has been one of high incidence rates of IBD in...
23 EUS in portal hypertension
Archidiacono P., Karavitis P.,,
SUMMARY The mechanisms involved in the development and natural history of Portal Hypertension are far away to be clearly known. Endoscpic Ultrasonography is a branch of gastrointestinal endoscopy, tha...
24 Experimental colon cancer
C.N. Paidas, E. Papalois,,
SUMMARY All the experimental models for the induction of colon cancer have several potential advantages, such the ability to precisely control the animals diets and other environmental factors, the op...
25 Genome-wide Search for Chromosomal Aberrations in Colorectal Cancer: Implications for Pathogenesis and Clinical Management
Sverre Heim, Georgia Bardi,,
SUMMARY In the present review, we discuss the cytogenetic findings we have made in karyotyping studies of colorectal cancer examined during a 10-year-period at two Scandinavian institutions (Lund Univ...
26 Gut motility and visceral perception in IBS patients
., A. Mantides,
SUMMARY Although IBS is the most common functional disorder of alimentary tract in western countries, its pathogenesis is still not fully understood. It seems that multiple precipitating factors alter...
27 Hemodynamic assessment in clinical practice in portal hypertensive cirrhotics
Wongcharatrawee S., Groszmann R.,,
SUMMARY With the advent of the balloon catheter technique for the measurement of HVPG, portal hemodynamics can be studied safely, conveniently and accurately. Evaluation of portal hemodynamics not onl...
28 Immunotherapy for colorectal cancer
S.A. Perez, M. Papamichail, C.N. Baxevanis,,
SUMMARY Immunotherapy includes techniques to boost natural immune resistance to tumours with both vaccines and biologic response modifiers, primarily cytokines involved in modulating immune responses....
29 Irritable Bowel Syndrome
., D.G. Karamanolis, M.D.,
30 Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Diet
., A. Adamopoulos,
SUMMARY The role of diet in patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome still remains empirical, as the underlying pathophysiologic disturbances of this disorder are not fully elucidated and randomised con...