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41 Pathophysiology of variceal bleeding in cirrhotics
Berzigotti A., Escorsell A., Bosch J.,,
SUMMARY Liver cirrhosis is frequently complicated by the development of portal hypertension. This syndrome is characterised by a pathological increase of the portal venous pressure, which leads to the...
42 Portal hypertensive gastropat a clinically significant puzzle
Eleftheriadis E.,,
SUMMARY In this review the updated information concerning the influence of portal hypertension on gastric mucosa is presented. The term portal hypertensive gastropathy [PHG] defines a wide spectrum of...
43 Prevention of recurrent variceal bleeding. Endoscopic and pharmacologic treatment
de Franchis R., Dell'Era A., Fazzini L., Zatelli S., Primignani M.,,
SUMMARY Bleeding from esophageal and gastric varices is the most severe complication of portal hypertension. The long-term probability of rebleeding of patients surviving a variceal bleed is about 60%...
44 Primary prevention of portal hypertensive bleeding in cirrhosis
Vlachogiannakos J., Burroughs A.,,
SUMMARY Variceal bleeding due to portal hypertension represents the major complication that develops in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. The mortality of the first bleeding episode is still very ...
45 Problems and challenges in the design of Irritable Bowel Syndrome clinical trials. Focusing on the future with the experience from the past
., K. Triantafyllou,
SUMMARY Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a common chronic disorder that is associated with significant disability and health costs. Drug development for this disorder is complex for a variety of reas...
46 Renal and circulatory dysfunction in liver cirrhosis. Pathogenesis and treatment
Cardenas A., Arroyo V.,,
SUMMARY The clinical course of patients with cirrhosis is complicated by several disorders independent of the cause of the underlying liver disease. These include portal hypertension with development ...
47 The molecular basis of pancreatic cancer
Koliopanos A., . Friess H., Ozawa F., Kleeff J.,,
48 The role of radiotherapy in rectal cancer
N. Zamboglou2, H. Athanassiou, E. Fotopoulou,,
SUMMARY Radiotherapy, and more recently radiochemotherapy, has been extensively used together with surgery in the management of rectal cancer. Pelvic radiotherapy can decrease local failure rates when...
49 Train the trainers - An OMGE / OMED education committee project
E. Mallas, I.S. Papanikolaou, N. Kalantzis,,
50 Training programmes and credentialling in gastroenterology
., Professor A T R Axon,