The 1929 Anatolian

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Συλλογή Anatolia College - Digital Archives and Special Collections The 1929 Anatolian
Επιμέρους συλλογή ANATOLIAN 1929
Θέματα Anatolia College--School Yearbooks Anatolia College--Students--Periodicals Anatolia College--Thessaloniki--History White,George E.--Anatolia College President (1913-1933) Compton, Carl C.--Anatolia College Administration-- Dean--1929 Hawkes,William E.--Anatolia College Faculty--Librarian,History--1929 Brewster-Riggs, J.--Anatolia College Faculty--Bible--1929 Hine,Marion C.--Anatolia College Faculty--Science--1929 Arnold,Elizabeth--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1929 Von der Muhl,E.--Anatolia College Faculty--French--1929 Graves,Harold--Anatolia College Faculty--Stenography--1929 Iatrides,Orestes J.--Anatolia College Faculty--Book-keeping, Sociology--1929 Newman,Wilbur R.--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1929 Anthony, Gertrude--Anatolia College Faculty--Science--1929 Paraskevaides,Stavros--Anatolia College Faculty--Greek--1929 Deliyannides,Savas I.--Anatolia College Faculty--Greek--1929 Arukian,Samuel G.--Anatolia College Faculty--Armenian,Mathematics--1929 Lamb,W.C.--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1929 Drossos,Ioannis--Anatolia College Faculty--Greek--1929 Gates,J.Y.--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1929 Alodjian,H.A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Armenian--1929 Hadjikyriakos,K.C.--Anatolia College Faculty--Greek--1929 Constantinides,Xenophon--American Boarding School of Girls' Faculty--Head of Greek Department--1929 Roberts,Doris--American Boarding School of Girls'--Social Sciences--1929 Scheider,Margarita--American Boarding School of Girls' Faculty--Physical Culture--1929 Phoca,A.--American Boarding School of Girls' Faculty--Piano--1929 Dr. Lietzau,Lena L.--American Boarding School of Girls' Faculty--Principal--1929 Xenopoulou,Paulette--American Boarding School of Girls' Faculty--1929 Day,Lucille E.--American Boarding School of Girls' Faculty--1929 Scheider,H.--American Boarding School of Girls' Faculty--Gymnastics--1929 Abadjoglou,J.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Antreassian,V.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Benlian,B.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Charalambides,Pr.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Gedikian,S.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Haradjoglou,V.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Iacovides,S.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Iordanides,P.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Jenazian,S.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Saghatelian,B.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Thomaides,Th.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Zianopoulos,A.--Anatolia College--Graduates--1929 Amanatidou,Polyanthe--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Ajanoghlou,Dionysia--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Bostanjoghlou,Elly--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Douroumian,Araxie--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Georgiadou,Danae--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Colocardou,Agathe--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Parakasidou,Anastasia--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Rasbarian,Vartanoush--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Rutrean,Hasmig--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Mordgikian,Parouhie--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Pikolaou,Ipheginia--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Rizopoulou,Eftychia--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Michaelides,Calliope--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Peltekis,Theodora--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Salem,Renee--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Theodoridou,Vasilikie--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Tsatoudi,Aphrodite--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Yavassoghlou,Cleopatra--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Varitopoulou,Mary--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Vosganian,Araxie--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Vellidou,Calliope--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929 Vellidou,Ellene--American Boarding School for Girls' --Graduates--1929
ΠεριγραφήOur President, Dr. G.E.White says: "East or West, Home is Best." By "Home" he means our college here in Salonica. Thus, he shows his love to us, the students, as well as to the teachers. To this beloved president of ours we dedicate once again this year-book. The American Boarding School for Girls is making its first appearance in the Annual of 1929. Just a year ago the American Boarding School for Girls was affiliated with Anatolia College. As part of the College, we were glad to be represented in the annual this year, and to do our share, hoping to make it a real success. We enjoyed the novelty of forming our committees and beginning work on an undertaking that comes so new to us. Our teachers were most enthusiastic in helping us do our work for the magazine. We feel it has been a real education to have had this opportunity of working out a new idea. We hope that you will show leniency in your judgement and withhold too severe criticisms when you recall that this is our first attempt, and we promise to do better in the annual of 1930. CONTENTS I. Administration II. The Girls School III. Classes IV. Organizations V. Athletics VI. Literature and Humor
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