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Θέματα Anatolia College--School Yearbooks Anatolia College--Students--Periodicals Anatolia College--Thessaloniki--History Kennedy,Joseph--Anatolia College President (1972-1974) Schoppert, Gail--Anatolia College Vice President--1973 Paparallis,Ioannis--Gymnasiarchis--Anatolia College Administration--1973 Falari,M.--Girls' Gymnasiarchis--Anatolia College Administration--1973 Alexiades, Byron--Business Manager--Anatolia College Administration--1973 DePaul, Don--Director of Special Services--Anatolia College Administration--1973 Vourdas,G.---Boys' Assistant Gymnasiarchis--Anatolia College Administration--1973 Sgourou, Eleni--Girls Assistant Gymnasiarchis--Anatolia College Administration--1973 Georgoudakis,John--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Kastanaki,Evi--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Traganos,Christos--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Gabrielides,Louckas--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Varcoulis,Tasos--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Skamnaki,Sabrina--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Athanailos,Ernest--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Conti,Zoe--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Gekas,George--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Damala,V.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Alexaki,Fofo--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Sourvanou,Elena--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Apostolides,Pascal--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Kamaterou,Myrta--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Gountsidou,Vasoula--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Brendas,Akis--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Zacharoff,Angelos--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Kotsalis,Demetris--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Papadopoulos,Fanis--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Zandes,Efthimis--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Kozanita,Meni--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Alevizopoulos,Demetris--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Koltsaki,E.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Stathis,Vassilios--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Metaxas,Ioannis--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Vamva,Katia--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Startsou,Cleo--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Kassimatis,Kimon--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Atmatzides,George--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Akokalidou,Katerina--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Alexopoulou,Stavroula--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Paviou,Stavros--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Pehlides,Makis--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Spanopoulos,Joseph--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Pentedeca,M.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Demetriadou,M.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Stoyiannou,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Georgopapadakos,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Mavropoulos,T.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Paparallis, Ioannis--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Naoum,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Kalfelis,E.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Dardiotis,G.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Manousakis,Costas--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Mantoulides,E.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Kaplanides,F.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Agorastos--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Nicoltsos--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Manolopoulos--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1973 Kalaya,H.--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 DiCerbo,L.--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 McGovern--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 Crowther--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 Eppinga--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 Meligou,Maria--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Bokovou,M.--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 Kalogeropoulou,B.--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 Sinanoglou--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 Martella--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 Murray--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 McGraw--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 Charanis--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1973 Adam,V.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1973 Agapis,T.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1973 Netskos,Dimitris--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Efstratiades,D.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1973 Zika,M.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1973 Papageorgiou,N.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1973 Kyriakakis,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1973 Barbas,C.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1973 Sideropoulos,N.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1973 Petmezides,C.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Mastoroyiannis,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Nikolaou,M.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Malengou,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Kehayia,Neny--Anatolia College--Seniors--1973 Papadopoulou,D.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Papademetriou,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Filippides,L.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Panayiotides,J.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Paraskevas,Ph.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Karademos,D.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Pentedecas,S.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973 Koufakis,G.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1973
ΠεριγραφήPhilology: Through humanistic studies, we try to make our students aware of their cultural heritahe, to guide them to a deep understanding and appreciation of the eternal truths and values included in the masterpieces of Greek literature, both past and present, to give them a high esthetic education and lead themto the devlopment of a creative moral personality. But, even if the students are unable to realize the greater value of these subjects, they cannot be forgiven for not accepting the actual benefit, i.e. lingual instruction and the ability to express oneself and to resolve problems surrounding the basic structure of life. English: The theme for the English department for 1972-1973 was "An experience in cooperative teaching" as the method of bringing together ideas, materials, and techniques to the teaching of English as a foreign language. Many Anatolia teachers accepted the theme of cooperative teaching and truly benefited from the exchange of knowledge. Mathematics: Mathematics is the basis for all the so-called practical sciences and an essential aid to many othe applied sciences. It is also a known fact that with the assistance of mathematics modern man has made massive improvements in technology and has realized an old dream-travel in space. But in addition to giving assistance to the general advancement of mankind, mathematics is an excellent men at exercise which sharpens judgement, trains the mind to discipline of thought, and develops a priceless flexibility for acquisition of knowledge. Science: The growth of technology and the perfection of audio-visual instruments (projectors, television, tape recorders, cameras, etc.) have given educators new means for better, easier, and more successful teaching. In all school systems in developed countries, the use of audio-visual methods is becoming rapidly broader and new teaching methods are being developed. The science department of our school observes step-by-step every new development in this field and applies here the best of these teaching methods. Indeed, we can unhesitatingly claim thet the Anatolia science department is equal to those of the finest high schools in the United States and Europe. During the 1972-1973 school year and after careful consideration, the science teachers decided to modify and modernize the physics, chemistry and biology programs by use of the new audio-visual methods along with the laboratory work. The administration of the school after evaluating the suggestions made by the science teachers, made all arrangements, financial and otherwise, necessary for implementation of the program. Religion The basic aim of teaching Religion is to inspire our students the high ideals of Christianity, especially faith in God and love to people. We particularly emphasize the Christian humanism , which is very important as well as relevant to our epoch of crisis. Home Economics Our courses are a combination of laboratory and theoretical work. We believe our laboratory courses-cooking, sewing, etc.- give our students a chance to use their hands creatively and enjoy making things by and for themselves. The laboratory hours create some balance in a school system as our Greek one where most school work is theoretical. Besides lab work, our subjects on nutrition, interior decorating and human relations provide knowledge and ideas that can be used now as well as in their future lives. Art The goal of art classes is to help students to express themselves freely by creating art; to communicate through color and to increase perception. In upper forms design is taught to increase skills while a review of the history of art develops a desire to study the manner in which our period iw expressed in art. Physical Education The purposes of gym classes are: the proper physical formation of the students, improvement of the students health, character development, and development of special athletic skills.
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