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Θέματα Anatolia College--School Yearbooks Anatolia College--Students--Periodicals Anatolia College--Thessaloniki--History Dr. McGrew, William--Anatolia College President (1974-1999) Schoppert, Gail--Anatolia College Vice President--1978 Falari,M.--Girls' Lykeion Dean--Anatolia College Administration--1978 Sgourou, Eleni--Girls Gymnasium Dean--Anatolia College Administration--1978 Wrye,Kenneth--Director of Student Services--Anatolia College Administration--1978 Kyriakakis,A.--Boys Lykeion Dean--Anatolia College Administration--1978 Nicolaou,M.--Boys Gymnasium Dean--Anatolia College Administration--1978 Alexiades,Byron--Business Manager--Anatolia College Administration--1978 Zika,Marika--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1978 Efstratiadis,D.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1978 Pistofidis,A.Efstratiadis,D.--Anatolia College Faculty--Mathematics--1978 Nikoltsos,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Atzakas,I.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Damala,B.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Baglani,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Sgourou,Eleni--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Bacou,B.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Ηλιάδου,Μάγδα--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Κάγκος,Δημήτρης--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Godhi,Tina--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Koltsaki,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Kiskira,Konstantina--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Agorastos,S.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Paparallis, Ioannis--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Paparalli,S.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Mavropoulos,Theodoros--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Plousios,Ch.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Manolopoulou,Eleni--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Mantzios,G.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Αργυρίου,Ανδρέας--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Μπέκου,Λία--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Naoum,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Xanthopoulou,M.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Pendendeca,M.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Stoyiannou,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Philology--1978 Kehayias,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Religion--1978 Papaconstantinou,V.--Anatolia College Faculty--Religion--1978 Nouskas,K.--Anatolia College Faculty--Religion--1978 Arfanakis,N.--Anatolia College Faculty--Religion--1978 Christophoridou,S.--Anatolia College Faculty--Home Economics--1978 Αντωνιάδου,Δέσποινα--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Godhi,N.--Anatolia College Faculty--Home Economics--1978 Bash,M.--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1978 Karamouchtaris,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Art--1978 Mackendree,W.--Anatolia College Faculty--Art--1978 Charalambides,K.--Anatolia College Faculty--Music--1978 Platidou,T.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physical Education--1978 Papaconstantinou,P.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physical Education--1978 Beaton,T.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physical Education--1978 Antoniadou,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physical Education--1978 Doucas,Antonios--Anatolia College Faculty--Physical Education--1978 Αγγελογιάννη,Ιωάννα--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Kassapides,George--Anatolia College Faculty--Physical Education--1978 Zachariades,L.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physical Education--1978 Παπαδόπουλος,Δημήτρης--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Mastoroyiannis,Aggelos--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Malengou,Anna--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Panayiotides,Ioannis--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Paraskevas,Phoivos--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Pentedecas,Serafeim--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Veronikis,S.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Papadopoulou,K.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Παπαζαχαρίου,Σωτήρης--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Petmezides,K.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Falari,M.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Papadimitriou,A.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Τσίμας,Κώστας--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Tsikinas,G.--Anatolia College Faculty--Physics--1978 Νικολαίδου,Νανά--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Γιαννακόπουλος,Βαγγέλης--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Ηλιάδου,Μαρία--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Σίμηνας,Παναγιώτης--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Κίτσου,Βίκυ--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Παπαστεργίου,Φανή--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Νανέλη,Μίτση--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Αργυρόπουλος,Νίκος--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Μπόσκου,Αλεξάνδρα--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Ζευκόπουλος,Τάσος--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Σιάγα,Ρεγγίνα--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Χατζηιωαννίδου,Φωφώ--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Ανανιάδης,Γιώργος--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Σαραβέλου,Αθηνά--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Πλατής,Φράνσις--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Μπούρας,Ανδρέας--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Βενετούλιας,Αχιλλέας--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Καλογιάννη,Εύη--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Μπενέκου,Λαμπρινή--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Σκανδάλης,Μιχάλης--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Γαβριήλογλου,Αλίκη--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Πανά,Έλλη--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Μητούδης,Αχιλλέας--Anatolia College--Seniors--1978 Perkins,C.--Anatolia College Faculty--English--1978
ΠεριγραφήThe 1978 ANATOLIAN is dedicated to two Anatolians, one young and one old. They are Lucas Kyrides - Class of 1902 and Dora Papadopoulou - Class of 1983. Both died during this year, Kyrides after a long and full life during which he gave much to his fellow man, and Papadopoulou after but a few short years on this earth but during which she too gave much and for which she will be remembered. The following were written by people who knew the well - Ioulia Akrivopou- lou, a classmate of Dora’s, and Stavros Koloyiannis, long-time friend of Kyrides and trustee of the Col'ege. Dora was killed in a car and train accident whilereturning with her family from Ptolemaida. Man, the clever one, fights against nature and wins, makes his life comfortable and easy but cannot beat death. Death is always the winner. We are too young to understand this easily; we aie only thirteen, young girls lull of laughter, full of life as Dora was. And a train too away this laughter, took away from all of us this life. Her soul flies away beyond the sun and the sky, to a place where there are no trains, cars or civilization. But behind her there will always be as witness the torn, crushed bloody steel plates of their car. The train too will stand witness running and screaming for the forgiveness which it will never find. Civilization and progress will walk in the funeral procession singing of trains and bloody steel plates. And we still here - how can we believe that we will not see here again, walking with us, talking and laughing? Our souls have been cut to pieces, and we don’t care about the days and nights, the hours that pass, the civilization which runs on and never stops. Our hearts are dark. How can one deceive dearh to bring back soul, only thirteen years old, innocent like a white rose but, a soul which knew nothing of death. How canyou bring such a thing back? But slowly the days turn to night, the hours pass, life continues and time will begin to erase the memory, But something will remain in our hearts - a young girl’s face with a sweet smile on her lips, a smile that was lost so early. LUKAS KYRIDES April 13, 1883 - June 19, 1978 Lukas Kyriakides was a righteous man. He believed and practiced what Solon taught: «People should care for virtue and not for riches, because wealth passes from one to another, while virtue stays forever with whomsoever runs alter her.» He was always a gentleman, a wise and pleasant companion, and a true philanthropist. He (Led on June 19, 1978 at the age of 95. It was his first and only illness. Kyrides was born in Pursa, Turkey in 1883. His father, Petros Kyriakides, and his mother, Theodora, had moved from Yiannina, Greece, to Pursa. Both were Protestantsand devoted to one another. There were seven children. Lucas Kyriakides was fifth in line, and the first male child. Hiseldest sister, Aspasia, who studied at Anatolia College in Marsovan, Turkey, became a teacher at Anatolia after her graduation. She brought Lucas to Anatolia from which he graduated in the year 1902. The following year young Kyriakides, having the blessing of his parents, departed for the United State of A- merica. He enrolled at the University of Michigan, and after four years of strenuous study he received his Masters Degree in chemistry. Lucas’ years at Michigan became a struggle for survival. He didn’t even have enough money to buy a new pair of shoes, so he lined his old, worn out ones with cardboard to protect his feet from freezing in the bitter days of winter. Unable to buy an oveicoat, his creative mind devised a shirt made of newspapers to keep him warm. His room was so cold that he had to go to bed fully dressed to keep from freezing. As he progressed in his studies, Lukas made himself known to his professors and fellow students as a man of the future. Kyriakides knew that his long surname was never pronounced correctly in his new country, so he shortened it to Kyrides, a name easier to remember and, by far easierto pronounce correctly. Lucas got his first position as a chemist, but soon after he started a business in cooperation with a friend for the production of chemical products of his own composition. He met with so much success that Miles Laboratories, Inc. bought him out. Kyrides then became a research. It was at that time Kyrides brought his three sisters, a younger brother, and a brother-in- law to the United States from Pursa. Two other sisters and his parents had passed away. He cared for all of these family members until they passed away; and then he looked after the children ol his married stster. As a chemist Lucas Kyrides made many discoveries: Alka Seltzer with specially buffered aspirin was the first; during World War I he invented synthetic rubber of good quality and at a competitive cost; a drug for the cure of syphilis; and many insecticides. His modesty, though, makes it impossible even for his closest friends to give a complete pictuie of his contribution to the welfare of mankind. In recollecting his past life, he once told me: «I have done for Umded States more than many prominent Americans have done, and I have given to this country more than I have taken from hei » An that is enough for us to estimate how important his contribution to society was. In 1954, at the age of 71, Lucas Kyrides retired to Greece where he lived for the rest of his life as a pensioner, having built for himself a comfortable homein Ekali. He was a regular visitor to the Anatolia campus, always showing up for commencement. He never forgot his obligations to his two daughters for whom he had a tender affection an w om he worrfied about until his death. His other love was Anatolia College. -it He believed Anatolia played a major role in shaping his character, in he’ping him to develop his God-given ta en s and in saving him as a young man from the Turkish massacres. In gratitude for his Anatolia education he became tie donor of Kyrides Hall at Anatolia which houses the physics and chemistry laboratories. (These labs were the first in lecce to give students hands-on experience in chemistry and physics.) Two perpetual scholarsh ps for poor students at na o . be ar his name. And, finally, he donated his land and his house in Ekali to Anatolia. A true and loyal Anatolian
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