Integrating Comics in an EFL State Secondary Class through the Implementation of Task - Based Teaching

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Integrating Comics in an EFL State Secondary Class through the Implementation of Task - Based Teaching


The multi - dimensional nature of comics is a source of excellent teaching material and allows teachers and students to explore language in a creative way. The more the teacher exploits comics, the greater the chance the outcome will heighten student interest and learning will be a success. It is definitely a fun way to get students hooked on reading. The present dissertation explores the use of comics as a source of authentic material in the advanced level of a 3rd grade class of a Greek Junior High school. It discusses the effect of incorporating authentic reading material and supplementing the existing EFL course syllabus with comics, particularly since the use of authentic material as a tool for educational purposes is recommended but not often applicable in Greek State schools. The dissertation consists of five chapters. The first three chapters of it are predominantly descriptive in nature. In the first chapter, a brief retrospective of the educational value of authentic material, particularly comics is provided. In the second chapter the criteria based on which the teacher selected her teaching material are provided while the importance of text and task authenticity follows. The third chapter deals with the Task - Based Learning approach for language acquisition, while the principles underlying Task - Based Learning (TBL) are summarized in this chapter. Moreover, the rationale for the implementation of TBL in the particular secondary education context is provided. In the fourth chapter, a brief presentation of the teaching situation is provided along with the design and evaluation of a lesson based on the principles of the TBL approach; the particular lesson is video - recorded. Post - lesson evaluation sheets are also designed and appended in order to help the teacher reflect on and assess her teaching session so as to provide her  learners with appropriate feedback at a later stage. Evaluations along with the findings of the study follow in chapter five. In this chapter it is also suggested that state junior high school EFL teachers could integrate comic stories in the existing syllabus in order to boost learners interest and motivation in a pleasant way. Finally, the dissertation ends with the conclusion where the main points of the study are summarized. Overall the dissertation asserts the usefulness of authentic material, particularly comics, in the teaching of EFL. Comics as a rich source can provide language and cultural information to students who are willing to explore the target language.

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