C-reactive protein and bacterial infection in cirrhosis

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Annals of Gastroenterology
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2014 (EN)
C-reactive protein and bacterial infection in cirrhosis (EN)

Burroughs, Andrew K.
Pieri, Giulia
Agarwal, Banwari

In the general population, C-reactive protein (CRP) level increases in the presence of acute or chronic inflammation and infections. In patients with cirrhosis, the basal level is higher than in patients without cirrhosis, due to chronic hepatic and other inflammation, but when infection occurs the more severe the underlying liver dysfunction, the lower the increase in CRP. Therefore, the predictive power of CRP for infection and prognosis is weak in patients with decompensated/advanced cirrhosis and in the intensive care setting. However, higher CRP and also persistently elevated CRP levels can help identify patients with a higher shortterm risk of mortality.Keywords C-reactive protein, bacterial infections, cirrhosis, Intensive Care Unit, mortality, prognosisAnn Gastroenterol 2014; 27 (2): 113-120 (EN)




Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology (EN)

Annals of Gastroenterology; Volume 27, No 2 (2014); 113 (EN)

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