Discovery of new anti-inflammatory drugs from plant origin

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Annals of Gastroenterology
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2007 (EN)
Discovery of new anti-inflammatory drugs from plant origin (EN)

C. Henriette, Q. van Ufford, B.H. Kroes, A.J.J. van den Berg, C.J. Beukelman, E. van den Worm,

SUMMARY From traditional systems of medicine like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbs with (assumed) antiinflammatory properties are taken into study in order to isolate the active principles. The isolation is guided by biological activity in relevant bioassays. Here the background of several bioassays is discussed and some examples are presented, with special attention to apocynin, a lead compound intensively studied by our research group as well as in close co-operation with several other institutes. Key words: inflammation, herbal medicines, apocynin, experimental colitis (EN)




Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology (EN)

Annals of Gastroenterology; Volume 15, No 4 (2002) (EN)

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