Long-term patient satisfaction of gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures

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2016 (EN)
Long-term patient satisfaction of gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures (EN)

Gkolfakis, Paraskevas
Triantafyllou, Maria
Triantafyllou, Konstantinos
Vlachonikolou, Georgia
Melissaratou, Anastasia
Moustafa, Giannis-Aimant
Xanthopoulou, Eleni
Ndini, Xhoela
Pantelakis, Evdoxos
Tziatzios, Georgios
Dimitriadis, George D.
Malli, Chrysoula
Papadopoulos, Vasilios

Background We prospectively assessed patient satisfaction in a Greek Academic endoscopy facility.Methods Consecutive outpatients filled a satisfaction questionnaire right after their endoscopy (D1), 3 days (D3) and 3 months (M3) later. Overall patient satisfaction was measured by their willingness to repeat endoscopy in our facility and to further recommend it. Participant satisfaction regarding pre-procedural, procedural and post-procedural issues was measured using a five-step Likert scale in 19 items with 4 and 5 scores indicating favorable responses. Pareto analysis was used to determine service issues requiring improvement. Late adverse events were recorded at D3 and M3 assessments.Results Over six months, 501 patients participated (89.4% and 87.8% response rate at D3 and M3 assessments, respectively). More than 97% of the participants would repeat the procedure in our facility and would recommend our endoscopy service, at all three assessments. Pareto analysis identified waiting time until the appointment and on the day of the examination, discomfort during and after the endoscopy, time to obtain the pathology report and overall management of the patient problems as the issues requiring improvement. No predictor of high satisfaction score has been identified. No serious late adverse events were reported.Conclusion Despite the overall high levels of patient satisfaction, management of patient discomfort and organizational issues need improvement.Keywords Colonoscopy, endoscopy, gastroscopy, patient, satisfactionAnn Gastroenterol 2016; 29 (2): 188-195DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20524/aog.2016.0011 (EN)


Ελληνική Γαστροεντερολογική Εταιρία (EL)
Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology (EN)



Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology (EN)

Annals of Gastroenterology; Volume 29, No 2 (2016); 188 (EN)

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