Obstructive uropathy in Crohn's disease: Description of two cases and review of the literature


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Annals of Gastroenterology
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2007 (EL)
Obstructive uropathy in Crohn's disease: Description of two cases and review of the literature (EN)

Giannakoulopoulou Eleftheria,
Triantafillidis J.K.,
Georgopoulos F.,
Manousakis K.,
Varlatzidou Alexandra,
Cheracakis P.,
Malgarinos G.,
Mastrangelis A.,
Peros G.,
Fouskas J.,
Mylonaki Maria,

In this study we describe two cases of right hydronephrosis due to Crohn's disease. These patients represent a percentage of 1.4% of all patients seen and followed-up in our institution during the last 15 years. Both patients were male and of young age and in both the terminal ileum was involved. Involvement of the urinary tract was documented on the basis of intravenous pyelography, urinary tract transdermal ultrasound, computed tomography scan and retrograte pyelography. Conservative treatment included administration of antibiotics and drainage of urine by a pig-tail placement. After improvement of the general situation and of urinary obstruction, surgical treatment was applied in both patients in order to permanently resolve this potentially dangerous complication of the underlying Crohn's disease. On operation drainage of a local abscess resection (in one patient) and resection of the diseased terminal ileum (in both patients) was performed. The postsurgical outcome was uneventful. On long-term follow-up (3 and 2 years respectively), no recurrence of obstruction was noticed. It is concluded that ureter obstruction in Crohn's disease patients although rare, is a complication that could present therapeutic dilemmas. Surgical treatment is finally required. A review of the literature concerning ureter obstruction as a complication of Crohn's disease is discussed. Key words: Crohn's disease, fistulas, urinary complications, obstructive uropathy (EN)

Ελληνική Γαστροεντερολογική Εταιρία (EL)
Hellenic Gastroenterologiki Company (EN)


Annals of Gastroenterology (EN)

Annals of Gastroenterology; Volume 19, No 3 (2006) (EN)

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