Emergency surgery for inflammatory bowel disease in Greece

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Annals of Gastroenterology
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Emergency surgery for inflammatory bowel disease in Greece (EN)

Triantafillidis, A. Emmanouilides, E. Merikas, D. Nikolakis, P. Cherakakis, J.K.
Ifantis, Irini Hereti1, N. Argyros, A. Nikolaou, Th.

In this study the various clinicoepidemiological features of 32 patients with inflammatory bowel disease (29 with Crohn's disease and 3 with ulcerative colitis), who underwent an emergency operation during a follow-up period of 15 years, are reviewed. The three patients with ulcerative colitis who underwent an emergency operation, represent a percentage of 0.7% of 413 patients seen and followed-up in our institutions during the last 15 years, while the 29 patients with Crohn's disease represent a percentage of 19% of a total number of 155 patients diagnosed and followedup during the same period. There were 18 men and 14 women of mean age 4112 years. The indication for emergency surgery in the group of patients with Crohn's disease was obstructive ileus in 17, bowel perforation/peritonitis in 7, and uncontrolled hemorrhage in 5 patients. The corresponding indication for the group of patients with ulcerative colitis was uncontrolled hemorrhage in two and toxic megacolon in one patient. Obstructive ileus occurred in patients with small bowel or ileocolonic involvement, uncontrolled hemorrhage occurred mainly in patients with ileocolonic involvement, while perforation occurred almost exclusively in patients with small bowel involvement. Enterectomy and end-to-end anastomosis was performed on 22 patients with Crohn's disease while various other procedures were performed in the remaining seven patients. Ileorectal anastomosis was performed in one patient and total proctocolectomy with permanent ileostomy in two patients with ulcerative colitis. Two perioperative deaths were noticed in the group of patients with Crohn's disease and one in the group of patients with ulcerative colitis. Emergency operation for inflammatory bowel disease is mainly needed for patients with Crohn's disease. Clinicians must bear in mind that perforation of the bowel could be the first manifestation in a patient with Crohn's disease. Key words: Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, surgery, emergency operation, Greece (EN)


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Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology (EN)

Annals of Gastroenterology; Volume 13, No 2 (2000) (EN)

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