The biology and ecology of Valencia letourneuxi Sauvage 1880 (Valenciidae) - Prospects for conservation

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2000 (EN)
The biology and ecology of Valencia letourneuxi Sauvage 1880 (Valenciidae) - Prospects for conservation (EN)


Data are provided on the distribution, abundance, early development and biology of the endangered Greek endemic species Valencia letourneuxi Sauvage 1880, along with a record of its occurrence at new localities. V. letourneuxi is a small-bodied and short-lived insectivorous species, exhibiting cryptic colouration and sexual dimorphism. It matures in the first year of life, reproduces serially in late spring and summer, and deposits spherical eggs, around 2 mm, on aquatic plants. Most morphometric characters show size-specific trends, which complicate comparisons among populations or with other species. Of specific systematic importance is the relative position of the anal and dorsal fins, which remains almost unaltered throughout development, and allows safe distinction from A. fasciatus. The species was found mostly in deep areas with clean and slow running water, usually associated with freshwater springs. Rich submerged vegetation is the prominent ecological feature of all sites in which the species was found. Using as criteria of rarity the limited geographic distribution, the confinement of the species in few localities of each aquatic system and the low local densities, V. letourneuxi can be characterised as a "restricted and locally rare species". The restricted distribution, coupled with the narrow ecological requirements, makes the species vulnerable to extinction. Its disappearance from at least four aquatic systems and the serious population decline in a number of other systems seems to be connected with habitat loss or degradation caused by human activities. The prospects of conservation are discussed. (EN)


Mediterranean Marine Science



Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (EN)

Mediterranean Marine Science; Vol 1, No 2 (2000); 75-90 (EL)
Mediterranean Marine Science; Vol 1, No 2 (2000); 75-90 (EN)

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