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2016 (EN)
Smartification of Retail Environment (EN)

Bortziou, Marianthi (EN)

School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies, MSc in Strategic Product Design (EL)
Filippopoulos, Fotis (EN)
Nathanail, Dimitrios (EN)
Achillas, Charis (EN)

The dissertation concentrates on creating a retail environmental smartification model for AB Vassilopoulos supermarkets. In order to achieve this objective the project e m- phasizes on investigatin g and explor ing the current state of AB Vassilopoulos stores, the way that retail environmental smartification could change the overall consumption experience and the potential challenge s and opportunities of AB Vassilopoulos stores smartification . Additionally, an investigation towards consumers’ preferences regar d- ing AB Vassilopoulos stores smartification is further developed. In order to fulfill its purpose the study follows a phenomen ological approach using a mixed method stra t- egy in order to capture all the elements of AB Vassilopoulos stores environmental smartification through a combination between qualitative and quantitative research. In the context of the research strategy, from the qualitative research perspective, the study utilizes the single - case study design via which the literature review findings are supported by conducting semi - structure interviews with AB Vassilopoulos Business I n- telligence & Strategy Director and custome rs . From the quantitative perspective the study utilizes designed questionnaires as a tool in order to address the present study’s research objectives which are formulated in examining questions. S martifying AB Va s- s i lopoulos supermarkets could create a mor e pleasant and interac tive shopping env i- ronment allowing easier and faster shopping, in a more comfortable and effective way. This fact along with increasing customers’ satisfaction by allowing them to give direct feedback about the store’s service and env ironment and creating a superior shopping experience based on their prefer ences are considered the main existing opportunities of AB Vassilopoulos supermarkets smartification for the customers. There are also benefits for the company including the creation of an upper - level customer - store rel a- tionship that would facilitate acquir ing more loyal customers and retrieving valuable knowledge about their preferences and the implementation of more effective prom o- tional strategies. The existing challenges of AB Va ssilopoulos supermarkets enviro n- mental smartification are related with customers’ security and privacy concerns , d iff i- culty in adjusting to the new smart retail environment and potential lack of human i n- teraction . Eventually, all these finding along with t he ones referring to consumers’ preferen ces and perceptions towards retail environmental smartification were co m- bined for the creation of a retail environmental smartification model for AB Vass i- lopoulos supermarkets (EN)


Retail environmental smart ification (EN)
Multi - sensory UX (EN)
Consumption experience (EN)
Smart retail applications (EN)
IoT applications (EN)
AB Vassilopoulos (EN)

Διεθνές Πανεπιστήμιο της Ελλάδος (EL)
International Hellenic University (EN)



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