Esperanto, an international food bar/ restaurant: suggesting a business model of an alternative fast food bar

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2017 (EL)
Esperanto, an international food bar/ restaurant: suggesting a business model of an alternative fast food bar (EN)


School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies, MSc in Management (EL)
Kirgidou, Lida (EN)
Tsivrikos, Dimitris (EN)

The dissertation subject regards the creation of a business plan and the promotion of a fast food bar -­‐ restaurant with tastes from all over the world. Of course in the beginning there are going to be tastes from 3 or 4 countries, like Mexico, Spain China, India and it will gradually expand. This food bar is going to have as a target group also the young people because of their income. Young people, and students want to eat delicious food but cheap especially after the economic crisis (references). This bar will offer high quality tastes with affordable price for this group. The key competitive advantage is that it is going to offer different tastes with many healthy choices using fresh ingredients from all over the world in one fast food restaurant . So, when a group of friend do not manage to decide only in Spanish food or Chinese or Mexican etc., this group can visit it and each of them takes what he really wants and make his lunch or dinner as h ealthy as he wants. Another competitive advantage is that this bar is going to open in Thessaloniki where there is not any food bar exactly like this and there are many students who maintain this industry high. After having analysed the idea in the instr uction, in the second chapter we explain why a business plan is critical for a successful business and how a business plan is strong, comprehensive and well structured. In addition to that the difference of this study is referred, comparing to others that are similar to this industry. In comparison with other business plans of this industry , this business plan has similar structure but it presents an idea which is able to cover a gap of this industry. This gap is that there are very few fast food restaura nts that give the opportunity to customers to choose the ingredients that are really authentic ones , making healthier lunches or dinners, avoiding the obesity .In addition to that it also offers the 6 opportunity in a group of friends to visit and each of t hem eat something from a different country. It would be something a “small world”. During the fourth chapter, a small description of the business and the analysis of the market are provided to understand better the market , the competitors and why this bu siness can success . The name of the restaurant is Esperanto , because Esperanto is the international language which has words from all languages and this name characterizes better this restaurant. Furthermore, in this chapter some key competitive advantag es are explained such as the healthier option of the food and the big variety with really authentic tastes. In the fifth chapter , there are some plans for the initial organizational team with two shareholders and some employees who cook the recipes that we are going to bring, travelling all over the world. In the sixth chapter , the marketing plan shows how we promote right the business, referring the 4Ps, low price but high quality product (authentic tastes), colorful place that attracts eyes close to p laces that young people visit, smart promotion with free small portion and mouth to mouth advertisement . Finally, in the financial plan chapter , a research about financial programs is made where we end up at AID program which help new innovative ideas ( under 20.000 euros). During also the financial plan, we did some calculations about the costs, the salaries and we ended up that after 9 -­‐ 10 months the profits are going to be equal to the initial investment (20.000 euros). (EN)


Διεθνές Πανεπιστήμιο της Ελλάδος (EL)
International Hellenic University (EN)



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