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2017 (EN)
Green Packaging (EN)

Dellis, Giorgos (EN)

School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies, MSc in Strategic Product Design (EL)
Achillas, Charisios (EN)
Mousiopoulos, Nicolaos (EN)

This dissertation was written as part of the MSc in Strategic Product Design at the International Hellenic University. Packaging is of great importance, since it is the first level of communication between a product and the consumers. Packaging is significant, since it has the following functions: effective medium of marketing having an effect upon the purchasing decision of consumers, it enables the transportation, delivery, and bulk handling of the products, protects the product from influences of the external environment and its exposure to factors that can cause contamination for the benefit of consumers’ health and safety, and influences consumer behaviour with regard to green practices. Nowadays, consumers are more aware of the environmental problems and require from the companies to adopt packaging process, which is eco -friendly, and which takes into account the issue of their safety. Thus, companies are forced to invest in new, innovative and sustainable package materials, as for example chitin nano - wiskers, plant -based, renewable packaging materials and agricultural waste. Overall, the sustainability in the package design, namely the green package design, should govern all its three stages, production, distribution, and consumption. However, there is also a need to incorporate in this green thinking not only innovative and environmental friendly package materials, but also innovative and eco-friendly package design. This could be the issue of a further research. At that point, I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Charisios Achillas who gave me guidance throughout the time t hat I was working on my dissertation . All that knowledge he gave me was more than supportive and it made me end up with the right conclusions. Moreover, I would like to mention that the sense of team work was of high importance to me and my colleagues and gave us the opportunity to learn how to cooperate and collaborate with each other. Last but not least, I am very grateful to have the support of my family and my friends at this academic year (EN)


Green Packaging (EN)

Διεθνές Πανεπιστήμιο της Ελλάδος (EL)
International Hellenic University (EN)



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