Estimating Shadow Economy with Electricity Consumption Method

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2017 (EL)
Estimating Shadow Economy with Electricity Consumption Method (EN)

Missiou, Olympia (EN)

School of Science and Technology, MSc in Energy Management (EL)
Psychoyios, Dimitris (EN)
Dergiades, Theologos (EN)

This dissertation was written as a part of the MSc in Energy Management at the International Hellenic University. Shadow Economy (SE) is an undesirable attribute not only for developing countries but also for developed ones and it is caused by a range of factors such as tax burden, tax morality, quality of institutions and corruption. ( Schneider and Enste,2000 ; Schneider and Williams , 2013 ) Although the size and structure of the informal sector differ substantially among countries, significant distortions such as tax revenue losses, ineffective macroeconomic policies and lower quality and quantity of public goods are caused in real economy in all cases. ( Markellos et al , 2016 ) As a result, the measurement of SE is a crucial procedure. In this framework, a range of methods is suggested by bibliography. Direct methods, indirect methods or macroeconomic approaches an d model approach are the main categories. In present analysis, the size of SE of 19 European Union (EU) countries is estimated over the 2008 - 2013 period using a macro economic approach called Electricity Consumption Method (ECM) or physical input method due to its accuracy and reliability of energy data. The model improves simple ECM approach taking into account other factors affecting the growth rate of electricity consumption. The results indicate that SE is decreased on unweighted average by 3% over the period 2008 - 2013. In general, both Southern and Eastern Europe countries present a greater size of the informal sector (%of official GDP) in comparison with Western Eu rope countries such as France and Austria. (EN)


Διεθνές Πανεπιστήμιο της Ελλάδος (EL)
International Hellenic University (EN)



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