EU countries’ institutional environment and audit fees: field of research EU Banking Sector

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EU countries’ institutional environment and audit fees: field of research EU Banking Sector

Gkountaropoulou, Konstantia-Maria

This dissertation was written as part of the M Sc in Accounting Auditing & Financial Management at the International Hellenic University. This study designed to examine the factors affecting the level of external audit fees paid by financial institutions to their auditors in European Union. Studies have investigated on market structures for audit services in economies of the USA, UK, Canada and Australia with the common characteristic of continuous exclusion of the financial sec-tor. This study , using measures that are unique and more applicable to banks, in order to fill this area. A standard audit fee model, modified accordingly, is used to investigate the specific effect of measures like bank size, risks and complexities on audit fees for 136 banks. Multiple OLS regression was used as the estimation technique on the panel data collected through databases over a 6 - year post consolidation periods covering 2010 - 2015. Our model reports that the risks examined as important by the regulatory agencies are the same that audit firms consider too. In the future is expected that the concern of the audit process for banks is likely to enhance, following the general attempt of controlling banks' high risk activities.


Auditing--European Union countries
Banks and banking--European Union countries
Regulatory risks
Auditing--Fees--European Union countries
Audit fees

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