Oil price volatility and stock prices across the MENA countries

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Oil price volatility and stock prices across the MENA countries

Mouchikas, Grigorios

Prof. Nicholas Apergis

This dissertation investigates into the causal relationships among past oil price movements and stock markets across a region of 15 MENA countries, in a symmetric and asymmetric perspective, quantifying the interaction between the oil price volatility and the stock markets returns. Several findings are obtained through the VAR-GARCH modeling procedure, in relevance to daily and monthly data. Regarding the daily data, through the SEM models, I outline statistical significant relationship in a group of countries while through the VAR models, the majority of the countries present no statistical significant relationship between stock markets and oil price volatility, which is obtained through GARCH-M and EGARCH-M models for the symmetric and asymmetric way, respectively


Econometrics--Statistical methods
VAR - GARCH models
MENA stock markets
Oil price volatility
Petroleum industry and trade--Economic aspects
Petroleum--Economic aspects
Petroleum products--Prices--Middle East
Petroleum products--Prices--Africa, North
Stocks--Prices--Middle East
SEM models
Stocks--Prices--Africa, North
Econometrics--Data processing

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