Water-Energy Nexus, Putting Pieces Together: Critical Review And Perspectives

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Water-Energy Nexus, Putting Pieces Together: Critical Review And Perspectives

Zizopoulos, Georgios

This dissertation was written as part of the MSc in Energy Law, Business, Regulation and Policy at the International Hellenic University. The scope of this paper is not to be another general introduction to water-energy concept for newcomers to this subject, neither to be a collection of frequently asked questions and answers for every single aspect of nexus. On the contrary, targets on providing the theoretical framework along with examples from literature and world practices in topics that are crucial for a more effective governance of nexus while providing useful insights for research, business opportunities and investments.


Renewable energy sources
Water resources development--Law and legislation
Energy development--Law and legislation
Water resources development--Finance--Law and legislation
Water resources development
Water--Environmental aspects
water-energy nexus

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