Scythian archers in ancient attic vase painting: their identity and function

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Scythian archers in ancient attic vase painting: their identity and function

Minasyan, Stella

The present research endeavors to shed light on the enigmatic Scythian archer who enjoyed a considerably short-lived but very important place in Attic vase-painting, especially during the late archaic period. Due to the fact that to date no investigation has considered special aspects of Attic vases with the de-piction of Scythian archer on it, this study seeks to look into the origin, identity and the function of archers illustrated on Attic vases of the archaic period, by investigating the iconographic significance of the image. The depictions of the so-called Scythians on Attic vases contribute to and explore profoundly the history of the relations between Athens and the population of the North Pontic region. In order to complete the re-search objectives the issue of the Scythian costume is also discussed. This subject in its turn advances our understanding of numerous aspects of the history on Scythians and assists in reconstructing the appearance of various peoples. Moreover, this study high-lights several scenes in which the Scythian archers are portrayed. The study submits recommendations and conclusions, encapsulating the main findings that have been obtained from the research, and demonstrates how it can be extended to future re-search.


Vases, Greek
Ancient Art
Attic vases
Black Sea Region--Antiquities
Vases, Greek--Themes, motives

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