Green Taxes and Environmentally Harmful Subsidies in Greece

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Green Taxes and Environmentally Harmful Subsidies in Greece

Kalomoiri, Virginia-Evgenia

This dissertation was written as a part of the MSc in Energy systems at the International Hellenic University. The main purpose was to make an introduction to the main Environmentally Harmful Subsidies in Greece as well as the imposed Green Taxes. The incentive was the fact that in the past, little or no effort was made in order to gather information that illustrate and describe the situation in Greece. Although both topics are in the spotlight of most developed countries, in Greece it was never a priority issue and the facts lead to the safe conclusion that if there was not for the European Union Directives, that actually enforced Greek governments to adopt measures to eliminate it`s polluting emissions, it would never become a priority issue. As a consequence, the existing formal data is rather limited and mainly provided by foreign organizations and institutes. This emphasizes the fact that monitoring of EHS and Green taxes is of high importance in order for Greece to achieve its final target, which is to meet its European and international decarbonisation commitments.


Environmental policy--Greece
Environmental impact charges--Law and legislation--Greece
Environmental protection--European Union countries
Environmental policy--Economic aspects
Environmental impact charges
Subsidies--Environmental aspects
Sustainable development--Greece
Environmental impact charges--Law and legislation--European Union countries
Sustainable development
Environmental protection--Greece
Environmental policy--European Union countries

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