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2015 (EN)

Tsiligkaridou, Revekka

This dissertation was written as part of the Executive Master in Business Administration (EMBA) at the International Hellenic University. Trade fairs are an important marketing tool which promote trading of goods and services. Their goal is to help the companies grow and survive in this highly competitive market. Due to the globalization, trade fairs exist almost in every country. They cover every possible sector and play a significant role in the local and global market and economy. This is the reason why 2.9 million exhibitors and 250 million visitors participate in the trade fairs. TIF HELEXPO S.A is the leader national exhibition organizer with an 80 years tradition. Its path had many difficulties, many glories, many changes but the company is still in its dominant position in the Greek exhibiting economy. This dissertation aims in identifying the company’s profile, the advantages and disadvantages of its present performance, comparing the company to its core competitors worldwide. In addition, there is an analytical report of the industry, its history, types of trade fairs, social and economic trends and the core business plan with detailed analysis of TIF HELEXPO S.A and recommendations for the future in order to achieve its goals. Even in difficult economic times, there are companies which have a strategic plan, a know-how and can succeed. TIF HELEXPO S.A has responsibility for both support the Greek entrepreneurship and social responsibility to unite the community, the chambers, associations, organizations with each other.


trade fairs



School of Economics and Business Administration, Executive MBA programme

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