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2015 (EN)
Abacus, the tree for the I.H.U. campus

Tsikoti, Nikoleta

When the designer first visited the International Hellenic University, she noticed the vast empty field, an abandoned campus used as parking place, surrounding two architectural indifferent buildings. Moreover, every time she wanted to communicate the start of her Master studies, very few people seemed to know the locus of I.H.U., many of them assuming that it might be at the Aristotle’s University premises. A landmark, an emblem, a point of reference was missing although the University is built on the junction of the roads to the Macedonia international airport and to Chalkidiki, clearly visible by the people driving by. Only a small internal yard in front of the cafeteria was thought for students to spend the free time between the demanding courses by standing around, talking and drinking coffee. No trees, or greenery, no suggestion for a brief stress relief activity were offered. The initial idea popped up during the ecological workshops she offered as a social club activity and was considered provoking: design a covering using renewable materials and items, beyond their conventional use, suspended over a frame or skeleton in order to create a strong visual impression of a daring display at the I.H.U. campus. Her intention was to produce an experience in which the viewer can be engaged decoding new meanings and ideas by a direct interaction with the various elements of the object to start an individual “dialogue” with the concept for the I.H.U. campus. An exciting blend of architectural design and art installation, an innovative work that can be rearranged and redesigned according to the mood of the students, the workshop participants, users, invited artists for seminars etc., by creating a large-scale interactive construction in order to incorporate natural and renewable elements, as sculptural furniture and equipment to stimulate and support outdoor activities.




School of Economics & Business Administration ,MSc in Strategic Product Design

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