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2015 (EN)
From decline to Growth

Latinopoulou, Marina

This dissertation was written as part of the MSc in Strategic Product design at the International Hellenic University. All products are destined to a life cycle since their entry in the market. This goes from introduction to growth, maturity and finally to decline and death. Products in the mature or the decline phase, in order to stay in the market usually have to follow a procedure known as rebranding. So, the aim of this thesis was to track a product, a formerly leader in the market, in the maturity or decline phase and to make some proposals for its rebranding. An online questionnaire-based survey (n=210) and the relevant literature, set the base for this rebranding. With the aid of the questionnaire, the analysis of HEMO as a brand name firstly took place and then, the analysis of its competitors followed. Then, the importance of children as a special target segment was assessed and examined, since the product under survey is a cocoa powder for milk.. Finally, proposals concerning the packaging design as well as the logo design were designed in Computer Aided Programs (CAD) and discussed. All proposals were based on the literature and taking into consideration the answers given in the questionnaire.. A variety of proposals was created in order to cover different aspects of the theory, to address to different market segments, and to satisfy consumers’ preferences. Each proposal had a unique character since all final products were different in packaging shape, texture and material, as long as in logo design, typography and chromatic combination. Keeping in mind that HEMO is a former leader and still a recognizable product of high nutritious value, with the proper rebranding and promotion, it can play once more a major role in this product category in the Greek market. I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Flora Kokkinaki for the valuable assistance, time and interest. Moreover I would like to express my gratitude and my love to my friends, my family and especially to my brother for their support, understanding and their valuable help.


children as consumers
product life cycle
packaging design
logo design



School of Economics & Business Administration ,MSc in Strategic Product Design

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