City The New Type Of Product And Its Effective Promotion

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2015 (EN)
City The New Type Of Product And Its Effective Promotion

Sismanidou, Eleni

Tourism industry is one of the most prosperous and challenging on a world scale. Its rise in the last five decades has caught the attention of all countries in the world and as follows, while competition became extremely strong the opportunities that arose together are greater than ever before. Despite the uncertain global economic outlook, Tourism industry has managed to remain rather resilient. The sector has benefited from globalization and insists on supporting global economy by building stable infrastructure, job generation and establishment of new enterprises. According to UNWTO Tourism highlights, 2014 edition international tourists arrivals have grown steadily through the years starting from 25 million of tourists in 1950 and reaching 1087 million in 2013, a number that is forecasted to be exceeded by 3,3% until 2030. A great part in the tourists’ choices are of course urban cities that maintain great shares in all tourism products and their list keeps growing every day. This paper examines effective ways of communication between a city and its customers to turn it into a successful product, using as example the city of Thessaloniki and comparing its promotional efforts with the ideal steps in accordance to theory.


Communication channels
City Marketing
Target Market
Destination Management Organization (DMO)



School of Economics & Business Administration ,MSc in Strategic Product Design

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