Design of a product line for the State Museum of Contemporary Art

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Design of a product line for the State Museum of Contemporary Art

Savvidou, Isaia

This dissertation was written as part of the MSc in Strategic Product Design at the International Hellenic University. The objective of this study is the design of a product line for the State Museum of Contemporary Art – Costakis Collection (SMCA) in Thessaloniki which houses important works from the Russian Avant Garde art movement of the beginnings of the 20th century. The design of the product line draws inspiration from this movement and era. The study consists of three parts: research, analysis and design implementation. Research focuses on these qualities that define the design specifications of successful museum products. Museum shop products are studied as essential tangible elements of corporate design. Literature review focuses on the role of museums in the contemporary society, the importance of marketing and the role of museum shops as integrated part of the institution. Particular focus is placed on the identification of museum shop products as educational and commercial items and the main characteristics that such items should bear. Information concerning the SMCA is collected and analyzed concerning its mission, activities, permanent collection and artistic trends found in its collection. The study also utilizes the findings from a market research project concerning SMCA visitors’ preferences on items sold already at the museum shop (more on this project in the preface). Design guidelines for the SMCA shop product line are drawn from the background research and analysis as described above. Design implementation is the design process and transformation of all this information into the final products. Principles, traits and artistic trends typical of and distinctive in the Russian Avant Garde formulate the design concepts. Known works of art become a source of inspiration for the new products. In this last part, the design process is described through illustrations from ideation to the final products.



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School of Economics & Business Administration ,MSc in Strategic Product Design

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