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2015 (EN)
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Osloviti, Efstathia

This dissertation was written as part of the MSc in Sustainable Development at the International Hellenic University. The thesis of this dissertation is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Exploring CSR embeddedness in national business systems. During last decades environment is a significant subject for conversation among scientists. Every day people all over the world worry about the future of this planet. Few decades ago they started to discuss about Sustainable Development and how linked is with the Environment. Meanwhile, Corporate Social Responsibility started to increase rapidly all over the world. More and more people talking about the sustainable development which could be managed through CSR. Greece during the last couple of years faces a difficult economic situation. In this report will be examined how much affected the CSR strategies in Greece after the economic crisis. The research conducted it three different business sectors. Moreover, it will be presented the history of CSR, the history of economic crisis in Greece and the reasons that caused it. The results of the research will be examined and presented. I would like to thank Professor Kostis Evaggelinos for helping me write this dissertation. He answered all of my questions, gave me a lot of advices and he also recommended to me.


Corporate Social Responsibility
Economic crisis



School of Economics & Business Administration, MSc in Sustainable Development

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