Event Management Planning for a gastronomy festival in Greece for the promotion of wine

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Event Management Planning for a gastronomy festival in Greece for the promotion of wine

Pappa, Efthalia

The purpose of this study is to examine the distinctive theory of event management planning and its interdependence with the field of wine tourism. After an extent comprehension of the theoretical framework, the implication of the analyzed concepts is examined using a case study of the situation of northern Macedonia in Greece. Having as template the operation of “Wine Roads of Northern Greece” association and the famous annual wine festival they organize, recommendations and further corrections for the institution's proper function and promotion are demonstrated. For the aim of the study it is of paramount importance to develop an overall understanding of the wine tourism supply side of northern Macedonia. Thus, it was necessary to conduct interviews with different stakeholders, such as members and non-members of the “Wine Roads of Northern Greece” association and moreover to take part in different wine events and the wine festival of “Voroina”. The results of this research contribute to the identification of existing obstacles and difficulties that impede the development of a new competitive tourist product for Greece, a high-profile wine festival. Different perspectives are analyzed in order to identify the most critical success factors and conclude to recommendations in order to promote a wine festival as Thessaloniki’s long term tourism product.


wine festival
event tourism
Northern Macedonia
wine tourism

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School of Economics & Business Administration, MSc in Sustainable Development

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