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2015 (EN)
Neoclassical buildings of Thessaloniki

Angelidou, Anna

My dissertation will cover the subject for the Neoclassical Buildings of Thessaloniki (especially those in Vassilissis Olgas)- architectural and aesthetic approach and the legal framework of them. First of all some information will be given about the historical background of the city of 19th and 20th century, that affected the architectural structure of it. In a separate chapter there will be a correlation between public art and Neoclassical buildings of Thessaloniki. The issues that will be discussed in this chapter are the public art, the social interaction, democratic/communal values linked to this movement and neoclassicism as a revivalist movement not only into arts or architecture but also in the values of classical Greece. All the above will be discussed under their close affinity to architecture. Subsequently there is a special reference of three buildings, that are highly connected to the history of Thessaloniki, built with Neoclassical elements; Casa Bianca, The Old Custom’s House and Villa Allatini. In the conclusion there will be thoughts and proposals about the Neoclassical buildings of Thessaloniki. What motivated me to deal with this issue is firstly my connection and love for this city and its history. I think it is very important for a citizen to have knowledge of the history of his city, including the historical buildings of it. Walking in the city of Thessaloniki there are many buildings that are admirable and are worth observing. A little stroll in the city hides memories of a historical past that includes fire, wars, neglect and also wealth. These buildings are some kind of ornaments between ugly and faceless buildings. They testify that there was a time when architecture had style. After 1950, this decade destroyed most of them. Especially Vassilissis Olgas street was a living architectural museum, with villas of people from wealthy classes. Today the neoclassical buildings of the city are very few, but they deserve a closer look. With this subject I want to spread and transmit my love for the history of this city and its surroundings. I want the people to come closer to a bright historical past and sensitize them as regards to the importance of them to the city. Most of the buildings are in ruins, abandoned in the hands of the time. So, the aim of this dissertation is to keep the memories of old Thessaloniki, to identify and promote the sites and monuments of the long and multicultural history of the city, to promote the cultural heritage and folklore tradition of the local communities of those years and be a step for a further investigation and innovative actions which will highlight these historical buildings.


Dissertations, Academic
Neoclassicism (Architecture)--Greece--Thessalonik
Architecture--Greece--Thessalonik--History--20th century



School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies,MA in Art, Law and Economy

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