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2015 (EN)
Universal Museums

Chatzipanteli, Anna

The term museum is a wide notion that concerns a great part of history and culture and there has been a great evolution during the years. It is one of the cells of vital meaning in society, it operates under the umbrella of interactivity and through the years the role of museums has changed its form and has become broader. The rapid transformation of museums has brought many changes in the field of museums and daily new ideas and different types of museums make their appearance. The basic characteristic of museums is that they are multilateral institutions of great importance playing a key role in the growth of a society through knowledge, preservation and education. Over the years the evolution of museums is multilateral and has appeared in so many aspects. A relatively new term is this of Universal Museum and the present study tests this term and the 2002 Declaration on Importance and Value of Universal Museums that was signed by many directors of the richest museums of the world. There will be an analysis of the Declaration in order to be demonstrated to what extent the term is reliable and valid or it is a term that aims in marketing and the proper policies.


Dissertations, Academic
Museum techniques--Social aspects
Museums and community
Museums--Educational aspects



School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies,MA in Art, Law and Economy

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