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2015 (EN)
Copyright aspects of linking and framing

Malama, Georgia

The evolution of Internet has forever changed the legal landscape. Internet is the world’s largest marketplace, copy machine, and instrumentality for committing crimes, torts, and infringing intellectual property. In less than twenty - five years, Internet law has created new legal dilemmas and challenges in accommodating new information technologies. Chapter I of this paper clarifies the complexity of conceptual definitions that are involved in linking and framing methods. Chapter II specifically examines copyright that may be implicated by transmissions and use of works on the Internet by the above mentioned activities, in the light of case law or disputes that have grappled with these technologies. Chapter III suggests some possible solutions and draws some conclusions about one of the booming topics not only for copyright law but also for cyberspace law in general.


Copyright infringement
Copyright--Law and legislation
Dissertations, Academic
Internet--Law and legislation
Intellectual property--Law and legislation
Internet--Moral and ethical aspects
Fair use (Copyright)
Fair use (Copyright)--Law and legislation
Electronic publishing--Law and legislation



School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies,MA in Art, Law and Economy

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