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2015 (EN)
Theatre management

Voukelatou, Evangelia

“The art of the theatre is the oldest of the arts known to man. Before ever there were written records, or pictures, or even the beginnings of speech, individual prehistoric men demonstrated to their fellows how they had stalked or been stalked by their natural enemies and how, in the encounters which followed, they had emerged victorious”1. Nowadays, theatre is an enormous business industry with millions of revenue worldwide. The purpose of the present thesis is to examine and analyze the key issues relating to theatre management and its application during the process of a theatrical production. The case study constitutes theatre management in Greece and some comparative issues between the US and the Greek system. The study is divided into three parts. At first, the theoretical background of theatre management is analyzed. Extensive bibliography2 and survey data were used, to establish the basic principles of management as they apply to a theatre organization. The second part is an attempt to explore and analyze “theatre management” in Greece. A recent survey (2013) conducted in Greece which is included in the book “Theatre Management – Marketing”, provided important information and data about theatre productions and management in Greece. The second part is completed with conclusions and suggestions for further research. Finally, at the third part the issue of intellectual property takes place. It was considered necessary, apart from cessation of Greece to analyze the copyright status in America, where intellectual property constitutes a major issue for any theatrical production. At this point it should be mentioned that during the preparation of the present study, a great shortage in recent bibliographic sources and surveys was identified. For this reason, many issues which were originally selected to be analyzed such as related rights, actors and musicians rights, etc., eventually are not included. However, it will constitute issues for future research.


Dissertations, Academic
Theater management--Greece
Theater management--United States
Theater--Production and direction
Stage management



School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies,MA in Art, Law and Economy

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