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2015 (EN)
Restitution of cultural property

Ziliaskopoulou, Marianna

This thesis is trying to compare two international cultural property disputes: the greek claim of the Parthenon Marbles and the turkish claim of the Bogazkoy Sphinx. Although the former is not resolved yet, the latter was successfully resolved with the repatriation of the cultural object back to Turkey in 2011. In order to compare these two cases, the thesis examines the international legal framework concerning cultural property law disputes. Moreover it develops the historical framework and the legal aspects of both cases and the cultural policies that have been followed by both countries. In addition, this thesis presents the last trend in cultural property law and more specifically mediation of UNESCO, and whether it could be applied in the Parthenon marbles case. In the end it draws some conclusions as to where we are heading and what could be done in the future.


Cultural property--Protection--Law and legislation
Dissertations, Academic
Cultural property--Protection (International law)
Elgin marbles



School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies,MA in Art, Law and Economy

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