Mobile Multimedia Guides in the Museum Setting

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2015 (EN)
Mobile Multimedia Guides in the Museum Setting

Natalia Lalioti, Christina

During the last decades, technological advancements have penetrated cultural spaces, and mobile multimedia guides have become one of the latest museum trends. To better understand the impact of these guides inside museum settings and on museum visitors, the main research question addressed in this thesis is: “How can mobile multimedia guides enhance the visitor experience?” By reviewing existing literature on this subject, as well as conducting a synthesis evaluation of five case studies carried out internationally in museums that have adopted mobile multimedia guides, I concluded that the advantages of multimedia guides outweigh their disadvantages. In particular, this study shows that mobile multimedia guides have the potential to be used as an interpretive tool that offers museum visitors enhanced experiences. For example, with respect to the visitor’s experience, I found that mobile multimedia guides enhance museum learning and augment engagement with museum exhibits, despite their potential pitfall of disrupting social interaction among groups of visitors. In addition, I found that mobile multimedia guides have the capability to also be used as a museum management and marketing tool. By enriching the museum’s knowledge of their visitors, multimedia guides can help museum professionals roll out targeted marketing campaigns and identify opportunities for better museum management. Finally, this study also identifies best practices in the area of development, roll-out, and application of mobile multimedia guides, and offers recommendations for the future exploration and application of such technologies.


mobile multimedia guides
museum learning
museum management.
museum visitors



School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies,MA in Art, Law and Economy

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