Effect of micropore structure on autoclaved aerated concrete shrinkage

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Effect of micropore structure on autoclaved aerated concrete shrinkage (EN)

Marinos, J (EN)
Georgiades, A (EN)
Ftikos, Ch (EN)

N/A (EN)

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (A.A.C.) specimens were prepared using various raw materials, additives, rising agents and autoclaving conditions. In these specimens, drying shrinkage was measured, as well as micropore volume and specific surface distribution were determined by means of mercury porosimetry. It is concluded that A.A.C. drying shrinkage is a function of volume and specific surface of the micropores which have radii between 20 and 200 angstrom. Relationships based on statistical analysis of micropore structure have been proposed to ensure the shrinkage characteristics of the A.A.C. (EN)


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