Prediction of physical properties for non-polar compounds, petroleum and coal liquid fractions

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Prediction of physical properties for non-polar compounds, petroleum and coal liquid fractions (EN)

Voulgaris, M (EN)
Stamatakis, S (EN)
Tassios, D (EN)
Magoulas, K (EN)

N/A (EN)

Several correlations for the prediction of critical properties (Tc, Pc) and acentric factor (omega) for pure compounds and undefined petroleum and coal liquid fractions are tested directly, using a large critical properties' databank for such systems; and indirectly, using the obtained Tc, Pc and omega values to predict vapor pressures (P(s)) and saturated liquid volumes (V1) with the translated Peng-Robinson (t-PR) and van der Waals (t-vdW) Equations of State. Best overall results are obtained with a revised Riazi-Daubert method that uses the normal boiling point (Tb) and the specific gravity at 15-degrees-C (SG15). For heavy fractions, where low vapor pressure data, but not the normal boiling point (Tb) and densities at higher than 15-degrees-C temperature are available, a modification also of the Riazi-Daubert method is proposed that employs the saturation temperature at 10 mmHg (T10) and SG at 25-degrees-C (SG25), thus avoiding the uncertainty involved in obtaining Tb and SG15 by extrapolation. The obtained results are very satisfactory, with typical average absolute errors in P(s) and V1 5-10% and 5-15% respectively. (EN)


Saturated Liquid Volumes (EN)
Prediction (EN)
Hydrocarbons (EN)
Coal Liquid Fractions (EN)
Riazi-Daubert Method (EN)
Equations Of State (EN)
Paraffins--Physical Properties (EN)
Aromatic Compounds--Physical Properties (EN)
Peng-Robinson Equation of State (EN)
Petroleum Products (EN)
VLE Properties (EN)
Coal Byproducts--Physical Properties (EN)
Average Absolute Deviation Percent (EN)
Van Der Waals Equation Of State (EN)
Physical Properties (EN)

Εθνικό Μετσόβιο Πολυτεχνείο (EL)
National Technical University of Athens (EN)

Fluid Phase Equilibria (EN)

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