The distortion of the shape of reflected caustics in birefringent materials

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The distortion of the shape of reflected caustics in birefringent materials (EN)

Theocaris, PS (EN)

N/A (EN)

The caustics formed from reflections from the rear faces of birefringent materials were shown to be twinned because of the optical anisotropy of the reflecting plates. An improved method for evaluating the stress intensity factor in the neighbourhood of a crack tip is developed, considering the first two terms of both complex Muskhelishvili potential functions describing stress fields in birefringent materials and their particular interrelations due to anisotropy. This approximation gives an accurate definition of the geminated caustics engendered by the refraction of the light rays from initial curves in the neighbourhood of the crack tip. It was shown that as the amount of anisotropy is increased the shapes of the initial curves cease to remain quasi-circular whereas the respective caustics are doubled and distorted. © 1991. (EN)


Crack Tip Stresses (EN)
Muskhlishvili Potential Functions (EN)
Materials (EN)
Birefringent Material Reflections (EN)
Reflected Caustics (EN)
Plates--Stresses (EN)
Optical Anisotropy (EN)

Εθνικό Μετσόβιο Πολυτεχνείο (EL)
National Technical University of Athens (EN)

Engineering Fracture Mechanics (EN)



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