The role of bioenergy in the energy system of Aperathou village

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The role of bioenergy in the energy system of Aperathou village (EN)

Tsoutsos, TD (EN)
Christensen, MN (EN)
Koukios, EG (EN)
Pyrgiotis, LA (EN)

N/A (EN)

The potential, present use and prospects for using bioenergy in the community of Aperathou, island of Naxos, Greece, are investigated. At present, plant biomass is the main energy source for space heating in households and shops. A quantity equivalent to 280 toe yr-1 or 74% of the locally available bioenergy is consumed for this purpose. The main system used is the traditional fireplace, which faces strong competition by electrical heating. Based on the results of our analysis, a village-level action plan is proposed. © 1991. (EN)


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Village Energy Plan (EN)
Energy Resources - Aperathou Village, Greece (EN)
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National Technical University of Athens (EN)

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