The pedagogical mission of University (full text in Greek)

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2022 (EL)

The pedagogical mission of University (full text in Greek) (EN)

Παπαϊωάννου, Γεωργία

The article aspires to highlight a major need to strengthen the current University's pedagogical mission in view of modern economic and social developments. This could be achieved by reestablishing a modernized curriculum oriented towards general education. Initially, the traditional "Idea of the University" is introduced, which presents the University as a place of free education, unhindered search for truth and widespread cultivation of the spirit. Leaders of the aformentioned idea were Humboldt and Cardinal Newman. Furthermore, emphasis is placed on the features of the modern University, and especially on the issue of the current degradation of its general educational mission. The University seems to be transformed into a Multicultural University, with the specialization of curriculum being the main feature of this formation. Finally, an exposition is presented, which seems to begin with the question of the qualitative reform of higher education, putting general education at the core of the educational function. In particular, K. Sofoulis is one of the first raising the issue of reviewing the pedagogical role of the University. K. Sofoulis proposed the readjustment of curricula and the recreation of a modernized curriculum in general education. This specially designed program will expose students to the humanitarian education and in both humanitarian and natural sciences, promoting new integrated personalities of scientists, professionals and, ultimately, citizens. (EN)

Peer-reviewed Article (EN)

Higher education, "Idea of the University", pedagogical role, Multiuniversity, general education system (EN)
Educational Sciences (EN)


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Academia; Αρ. 27-28 (2022); 209-226 (EL)
Academia; Αρ. 27-28 (2022); 209-226 (EN)
Academia; Αρ. 27-28 (2022); 209-226 (FR)

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