Possibilities for a Greek Tourism Satellite Account development

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Possibilities for a Greek Tourism Satellite Account development

Lagos, Dimitrios
Diakomihalis, N. Mihail

The increasingly important role of tourism in the economy, its growth and potential for job creation, the fragmentation of this business sector, and the cross-sectoral nature of tourism policies are all elements that have led the OECD's Tourism Committee to design a new economic instrument for tourism which provides insights into the socio-economic impact, structure and development of activities related to tourism. The Tourism Satellite Accounts method, initially proposed by French researchers and first successfully applied to tourism by Canadian statisticians, provides a way to describe and measure the magnitude of tourism as a form of economic activity in a way that is consistent and comparable to conventional industries (Smith, 2000: 530). Since the Ottawa conference in 1991, several countries have published their own TSA and even more, are in the stage of creating their national TSA. The aim of this paper is to examine the possibilities for a Greek TSA development, taking into consideration the worldwide experience and the country’s statistical systems’ strengths and weaknesses.


Economic Impacts
Tourism Satellite Accounts

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