Mixed ligand Ru(II) complexes with 2,2 '-bipyridine and 2-(2 '-pyridyl)quinoxaline

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1999 (EN)
Mixed ligand Ru(II) complexes with 2,2 '-bipyridine and 2-(2 '-pyridyl)quinoxaline (EN)

Garoufis, A. (EN)

Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων. Σχολή Θετικών Επιστημών. Τμήμα Χημείας (EL)
Garoufis, A. (EN)

The synthesis and the physical properties of a new series of Ru(II) mixed ligand tris chelate complexes of the type [LxRu(bpy)(3-x)], where L = 2-(2'-pyridyl) quinoxaline and bpy = 2,2'-bipyridine, are reported. The complexes were fully characterized by NMR spectroscopic techniques, Electrospray Mass Spectroscopy, UV-visible spectra and elemental analyses. The complex [RuL3](PF6)(2) probably has the mer conformation due to the bulky shape of the L on the side of quinoxaline. The complex [RuL2(bpy)](PF6)(2) was isolated as a mixture of all three possible geometric isomers, while the [RuL(bpy)(2)](PF6)(2) in only one isomer as theoretically expected. Photoinduced dissociation of one molecule of the ligand L from the complex [RuL3](PF6)(2) upon exposure to room light has been studied by H-1 NMR and UV-vis Spectroscopies. (C) 1998 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved. (EN)

2-(2 '-pyridyl)quinoxaline (EN)

Πανεπιστήμιο Ιωαννίνων (EL)
University of Ioannina (EN)

Polyhedron (EN)



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