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2013 (EN)
Smart solar panels (EN)

Πυρομάλης, Δημήτριος K. (EL)
Παπαγέωργας, Παναγιώτης Γ. (EL)
Βόκας, Γεώργιος Αρ. (EL)
Τσελές, Δημήτριος (EL)
Αντωνάκογλου, Κωνσταντίνος (EL)

N/A (EN)

This article presents the design methodology for an in-situ solar panel monitoring system based on wired and wireless sensor network technologies. The system presented provides in-situ performance data for each solar panel of a solar park installation and allows through a web-based application the optimization of electric power production. The proposed platform is based on wired networking technologies combined with short range low-power wireless sensor nodes. Performance parameters are measured for each PV panel and are transmitted to a remote coordinator. Details about the developed platform are presented with preliminary results. (EN)


Wireless sensors networks (EN)
Zigbee (EN)
Ασύρματα δίκτυα αισθητήρων (EN)
Smart grid (EN)
Φωτοβολταϊκά συστήματα (EN)
Distributed Data acquisition (EN)
Internet of things (EN)
Διαδίκτυο των πραγμάτων (EN)
Έξυπνο δίκτυο ενέργειας (EN)
Κατανεμημένη απόκτηση δεδομένων (EN)
Photovoltaic power systems (EN)

ΤΕΙ Αθήνας (EL)
Technological Educational Institute of Athens (EN)

Energy Procedia (EN)




N/A (EN)

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