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2017 (EN)
Corporate Associations in Roman Macedonia (EN)

Iosifidou, Maria (EN)

Nigdelis, Pantelis (EN)
School of Humanities, MA in the Classical Archaeology and the Ancient History of Macedonia (EN)

This dissertation was written as a part of the Master of Arts, in the Classical Archaeology and the Ancient History of Macedonia, at the International Hellenic University. The aim of the proposed thesis is to examine the voluntary/private associations, attested in the Roman province of Macedonia during the Imperial age. So, the main focus of the study will be on both administrative and social aspects of the indicated associations. After an introductory chapter, concerning the evolution of the phenomenon of collectivity in antiquity and the respective history through a deductive approach, the terminology of the Macedonian associations will be presented, in detail. Hence, the study of the many terms that are used in inscriptions, in order to declare the associations or their members in the prefatory chapter, will enhance our understanding around the concept of the collective assembly. Consequently, moving on to the second chapter, all the well- known private/voluntary associations of Macedonia is to be introduced to us, whereas the third chapter all the available existing material, thus far, in order to shed light on the varied aspects of the associations, such as: their administration, structure and identity, as well as, their activities, members, role and position in the social, religious and political context of the corresponding cities. To conclude, in order to present the aforementioned aspects, all available sources will be taken into consideration ,to wit, almost exclusively inscriptions, and particularly: a) funerary inscriptions carved on funerary monuments financed by associations, b) catalogues listing the members of these guilds, c) honorary inscriptions, i.e. inscriptions erected in honor of officials presiding over their guilds. (EN)


Διεθνές Πανεπιστήμιο της Ελλάδος (EL)
International Hellenic University (EN)



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