Simulation of the Injection Molding Process for the Use of Software Tools

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2015 (EN)
Simulation of the Injection Molding Process for the Use of Software Tools

Sofianidis, Ioannis

This dissertation was written as part of the MSc in Strategic Product Design at the International Hellenic University. The last forty years applications of plastics in product design have dramatically increased. In many cases, metals and ceramics have been replaced by plastics. Injection molding process is extensively utilized to produce plastic parts of any shape and any color. In spite of resulting in complex geometries with excellent properties, this method may cause manufacturing defects to the final object. The use of a software tool can help both the mold and the part designers to simulate the injection molding process and predict potential manufacturing defects, at the very early stages of the design procedures. The goal of this study is to research the effects of the process parameters of an injection molding simulation, to the final results of the injection molding process. Being an engineer myself I got the opportunity to work on a project including both academic and industrial aspects. I wish to record my gratitude to Dr. Dimitrios Tzetzis (International Hellenic University) for providing and assisting the subject of this study. No paper of this sort would be possible without his advice and constructive criticism. I would finally like to thank “Argy Toys” company and Mr. Argirios Giapantzalis for the technical support, instructions and plastic samples provided me regarding the injection molding process


Manufacturing of Plastic Parts
Injection Molding



School of Economics & Business Administration ,MSc in Strategic Product Design

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