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2015 (EN)
Water resources management

Bakali, Areti

This dissertation was written as part of the MSc in Sustainable Development at the International Hellenic University. The scope of the study is to assess the effects of an artificial water recharge project in a rural area in northern Greece. Water scarcity is a global problem and climate change increases further the pressures in water resources. In this context, artificial groundwater recharge as part of water resources management is particularly important for coping with issues of water quantity and water quality. After a thorough review of the literature on water management practices, the study presents the situation of water resources in Greece. Through research about artificial water recharge applications in the country, the examined case study was identified. The project was developed in 2004 and it included the construction of a small earth dam in the streambed of Platanorema torrent and the creation of an infiltration basin. The analysis was based on data obtained from 13 boreholes used for irrigation, which show the fluctuations of water table in the area for 6 years after the construction of the project and for 3 years before. The additional volume of water available was estimated, using this data and information about changes in water consumption. The results indicate that the project has a consistent positive impact on the water table. It is concluded that torrent control management through small scale projects provides an opportunity for efficiently addressing water scarcity in Greece.


water resources
artificial recharge



School of Economics & Business Administration, MSc in Sustainable Development

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