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2015 (EN)
Property status of monuments

Mangina, Theodora

This dissertation was written during the studying of an MA in Art, Law and Economy. It analyzes and comments the provisions of the Greek Archaeological Law 3028/2002 that concern property rights established on monuments and crimes that violate them. This study aims to approach the civil law terms as they are adopted in this new legal instrument. Secondly, it indicates the role of antiquity possessors, collectors and antique dealers in the protection and promotion of cultural heritage. Moreover, a comparison takes place between the penal rules of the Penal Code and these of the archaeological law. The thorough examination of the legal provisions follows a reference to problems that occur in practice and a commentary regarding the application of the law and the situation that exists in Greece.


Cultural property--Protection--Law and legislation
Dissertations, Academic
Archaeology--Law and legislation
Cultural property--Protection (International law)



School of Economics, Business Administration and Legal Studies,MA in Art, Law and Economy

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