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The Deltion of the Christian Archaeological Society (Deltion) is an international peer-reviewed journal published annually by the Christian Archaeological Society (ChAE). As one of the most prominent journals in the field of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art and archaeology, the Deltion has been publishing high standard studies on the aforementioned fields for more than hundred years. Faithful to this tradition, it focuses on original research articles on Early Christian, Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art and archaeology. Peer review, rigorous publication policies and procedures ensure the journal’s high quality. Along with the journal’s printed version, the present electronic edition offers open access to a significant number of its past and current issues, taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the latest open source online technologies. The electronic edition aims to the intensification of research and the overall improvement of science. The journal’s print and online editions appear simultaneously every May, on the occasion of the Annual Symposium of the ChAE. The electronic edition of the Deltion is published in collaboration with the National Documentation Centre, which offers consulting services on electronic publishing and on organizational aspects of the electronic edition, as well as the e-infrastructure, the hosting of the journal’s online version and technical support.

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