The aim of the Hellenic Entomological Society (HES) is the promotion of the science of Entomology. HES is interested in the proliferation and communication of knowledge concerned with the distribution, ecology, physiology, biology and ethology of insects, mites and other arthropods, mainly of species that are regarded as pests of plants, animals, agricultural products and humans. The Society is also interested in the study of beneficial and mass reared natural enemies, the pests and diseases of these organisms as well as protecting the environment from the non-sustainable use of any agricultural products such as pesticides and other chemical substances.

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Entomologia Hellenica is a peer review journal which accepts original papers or reviews on all aspects of entomology and acarology i.e. biology and ecology, chemical control, biological control, genetics, behavior, chemical ecology, in agricultural, stored product, forest, urban and natural environments, apiculture, veterinary entomology etc. It includes original papers on basic and applied research, systematics, first records, short communications and reviews.

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