Technical Requirements

Any organization that has digitized and documented scientific content on an online platform can provide its collections to as long as their content meets some basic specifications.

More specifically:

  • The harvesting of metadata will be done through the OAI-PMH protocol, which is a very popular metadata delivery protocol now supported virtually by all repositories and digital libraries.
  • Metadata should be made available via OAI-PMH as XML, preferably in one of the following formats: OAI-DC, Qualified DC (QDC), HEAL, MODS, DC-DS-XML, ESE or EDM.
  • From the Dublin Core fields (basic Metadata Element Set or DCMI Metadata Terms Set), you should at least have the value of the core fields: dc: title, dc: type, dc: subject, dc (dc: description or dcterms: created or dcterms: temporal), and dcterms: spatial, and dc: description or dc: tableOfContents or dcterms: abstract, : creator or dc: contributor)

If you do not know if your collection meets the required technical specifications, please contact us on